Soornack Seeks PTr’s Help To Obtain Political Asylum in Italy

Nandanee Soornack is up for a fight. She is determined not to let go of her restaurant Airway Coffee, and it appears that she will also not let go of her freedom: according to l’, she has sought the help of the PTr to obtain political asylum in Italy. This has not been confirmed by her lawyer, Raj Boodhoo, though.


If nothing else works, perhaps seeking the help of the PTr will do. Nandanee Soornack has allegedly requested for the PTr to assist her in obtaining political asylum in Italy.

The businesswoman was held in detention for four nights in Italy before being released ultimately. She was arrested by Interpol after an international arrest warrant was issued against her; she is suspected of money laundering. Therefore, the Mauritian police deems it appropriate to have her extradited to the island to make her account for the accusations. However, Soornack does not seem to have the intention of returning. According to l’, she has requested for a document attesting that she has been an active agent of the PTr so that she can prove to the court of Parma that she is the innocent victim of political persecution.

On the other hand, her lawyer based in London, Raj Boodhoo, has not confirmed the piece of information. Rather, he implied that the attestation never reached his client. He also added that it would now be too late to seek political asylum; if the procedures thereof were to be launched, it should have been done as from Monday itself.

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