Speed Cameras At Candos & Piton

The authorities are currently working on the relocation of speed cameras. Some will be removed from their current positions and new ones will be added to where it is deemed appropriate.

speed camera

A number of changes concerning speed cameras will soon be implemented. Some will be reposted in different locations, others will remain in their original positions, while yet others will be added.

It has been reported that the speed cameras will be distributed regionally. Furthermore, their number will be decreased. The government had initially expressed its opinion relating to some of the speed cameras that are believed to be in inappropriate locations: for instance, the location of one on a road leading to a hospital is thought to be discriminatory.

As of now, it has been confirmed that the roads of Candos and Piton will be equipped with new speed cameras. The remaining steps to be taken will be announced after the authorities have finalised the project. The Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit (TMRSU) is currently carrying out a study to identify which radar should be displaced and which ones should be removed altogether.

Also, a deadline has been set for the installation of the cameras. However, the preparation works have not yet been done. Therefore, it is expected that the installation will still be delayed even after the new laws are presented in Parliament.

The next steps from then on will be to calibrate the cameras as per the speed limits governing driving in the different regions.

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