Subscriber of Super Cash Back Gold Died of Heart Attack: Family Believes He Was Stressed

A 70-year-old subscriber of the insurance plan Super Cash Back Gold of the BAI has died of a heart attack on the 4th of April. His family is convinced that he succumbed to the stress that accumulated after the news of the BAI put under the control of conservators by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) was made public.


Narendra Joganah, a Super Cash Back Gold subscriber, has died of a heart attack 2 weeks ago, on Saturday, 4th of April. The insurance plan was proposed by the BAI which has been under the control of conservatorys since the 3rd of April. Narendra Joganah had invested Rs 10.8 million in the insurance policy. His sons believe his death was caused by the stress he felt when he learned of the BAI tragedy.

Narendra Joganah had sold two of his estate properties to be able to invest in the insurance policy. He would then use the interests obtained to pay for the medical fees of his wife; the latter’s treatment would cost Rs 35 000 per month.

One of his sons, Yuvraj Joganah, related that his father was severely affected upon learning that he would not be receiving the interests this time, thereby leading to the deterioration of his health.

The Super Cash Back Gold is allegedly at the heart of the matter involving the BAI crisis. Or so has affirmed the Minister of Good Governance, Roshi Bhadain.


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