Sunil Bachoo, Brother of Anil Bachoo, Arrested For Attacking l’Express Reporters

The man described earlier as a supporter of Anil Bachoo who had driven his car right into the direction of two reporters from l’Express turns out to be the very brother of Anil Bachoo, Sunil Bachoo. He has been arrested by the police today, 30th of April.

Sunil Bachoo

Sunil Bachoo, brother of Anil Bachoo, arrested.

Sunil Bachoo has been accused of driving his car towards two journalists from l’Express on the 29th of April, one of whom (the videographer Yannick Azor) was injured.

The incident occurred when the house of Anil Bachoo was being searched by the police; the reporters were, in fact, covering the event.


Sunil Bachoo has been released after paying a bail of Rs 5 000 and signed an acknowledgement of debt of Rs 10 000.

Charged with “assault with premeditation”, he had appeared in the court of Pamplemousses earlier today after being arrested.

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