Swindlers ‘From Zimbabwe’ Sending Letters By Post To Fool Mauritians

The police has reported that swindlers, allegedly from Zimbabwe, have attempted to extort money from gullible Mauritians by presenting promises of wealth. A communiqué was issued yesterday 23rd of April by the police to warn the population of the new trend.

letter by mail

As a matter of fact, a number of Mauritians have received a letter by post labelled “HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL”. Nothing beats the good old traditional mailing, right?!

The sender, pretending to be named James Ekhumalo, describes himself as the son of a landowner from Zimbabwe who has recently died while protecting his lands. In his letter, he professes the need for assistance, in return of which he will provide the person with a generous amount of money.

The police has thus cautioned the public not to reply to such letters and not to reveal any private information to the sender.

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