Terrorism Threats: Heightened Security Measures At The Airport of Mauritius

Our neighbouring region is allegedly currently under threat of terrorist attack. The authorities are implementing security measures accordingly, and all passengers coming from France will be subjected to thorough search.


The anti-terrorist cell of civil aviation has alerted all operators via a communiqué of the alleged impending danger. All authorities concerned, namely the police force (the “Groupement d’intervention de la police mauricienne”, GIPM), the anti-terrorist cell, the customs, the anti-drug brigade, and Airports of Mauritius, are working in cooperation.

Security measures have been reinforced at the airport of Plaisance. As dictated by the updated preventive course of action, all passengers travelling to and from Paris are being searched by competent authorities.

On the 26th of April, at 4:00 a.m, the management of Air Mauritius was informed that all passengers would be subjected to a full body search. Their luggage was also to be searched. The procedures thereof lasted for two hours; nothing suspicious was found though. The police will still proceed in this direction and perform searches as and when required.

Meanwhile, the anti-terrorist cell is analysing all relevant information provided.

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