The PTr Will Participate in Municipal Elections 2015

During a press conference held yesterday, 16th of April, Arvind Boolell revealed what the PTr has planned as to their stance vis-a-vis the BAI affair and the imminent municipal elections.

Arvind B.

Arvind Boolell

Arvind Boolell announced that the PTr will ask for explanations pertaining to the involvement of institutions like the Financial Services Commission, the Stock Exchange Commission, the Bank of Mauritius, the Financial Reporting Council in the BAI affair. He spoke of the BAI issue yesterday during a press conference.

The PTr as a whole believes that the BAI case has not been managed well enough by the institutions responsible. Furthermore, they also blame the government for not being able to handle the predicament efficiently. Arvind Boolell is of the opinion that the government is not taking into consideration the fate of the individuals behind Super Cash Back Gold.According to him, the PTr will ensure that the government abides by its duty to the latter as well as to the employees of the BAI group.

Boolell has also described the government with the term “gouvernement Ponzi”.

Arvind Boolell also announced that the PTr will participate in the upcoming municipal elections. PTr candidates will compete in the 5 towns. It was also revealed that many young people have shown interest in becoming candidates of the party.

It is to be noted that it was initially said that the PTr might possibly not go for the municipal elections; it was deemed wise for them to refrain from enlisting their participation because of their delicate situation that resulted from the general elections 2014. But, they ultimately changed their minds.

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