Thiefs Carrying A Safe Covered With A Sheet Caught

The CID of Terre Rouge proceeded to a rather peculiar arrestation today afternoon. The 20-year-old suspect was caught with a safe, covered with a sheet, containing bank notes – he was accompanied with an accomplice who escaped on seeing the police approaching them.


Terre Rouge police station, where the robbery was reported

The cash box contained Rs 675 000. Its owner is a trader; he had just reported the theft to the police of Terre Rouge.

Apparently, the two thieves did not have a plan: they set out to rob a safe full of money without having a getaway mode of transport. As a consequence, after the evil deed, they escaped on foot, covering the safe with a sheet.

If they were trying to catch the least attention, they were surely not trying hard enough. They were quickly spotted by officers of the CID who questioned them as to what they were transporting. One of them affirmed that they were carrying a speaker. The other one seized the opportunity to run away. The former was then arrested.

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