Total Eclipse of the Moon (Mauritius) – April 04 2015

The total lunar eclipse, also known as Blood Moon, will begin at 13h00 and ends at 19h01. The total phase begins at 15h54 and ends at 16h06. The eclipse will be visible as a partial eclipse as from moonrise, both in Mauritius and Rodrigues.



Percentage values (%) are of the overall eclipse event. Lighter shadings left (West) of center will experience the eclipse after moonrise/sunset. Shadings right (East) will experience until moonset/sunrise. Actual eclipse visibility depends on weather conditions and line of sight to the Moon.

It is said that the eclipse will be partially visible in Port-Louis at 18h59, but otherwise the moon will be below the horizon and the eclipse will not be seen at other times.

Those countries where it will be visible include:

  • North America (most areas)
  • South America  (most areas)
  • Asia  (most areas)
  • Parts of Australia
  • Pacific
  • Atlantic
  • Indian Ocean
  • Artic
  • Antarctica

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