Vinay Deelchand Found Guilty in Cocktail Molotov Attack

The clash between notary Vinay Deelchand and Anwar Toorabally has been resolved in court – the former has been found guilty of conspiring against the latter by magistrate Ramdin.


Vinay Deelchand

Notary Vinay Deelchand has been found guilty of the conspiracy charges levelled at him since some years now. One of his ex-employees, Antoine Chetty had previously made several allegations against the notary and his associates. However, at that time, neither the Supreme Court nor the Intermediary one had ruled against Vinay Deelchand. Yesterday though, the tables were turned.

Vinay Deelchand, and his alleged partners in crime, Sandeep Appadoo, Mahendra Chooneea and Dharmanandan Sambon, were prosecuted back in August 2000 for having conspired to throw molotov cocktails on the house of Anwar Toorabally, located at Shakespeare street, Port-Louis.

Magistrate Anjaleedevi Ramdin, the vice-president of the Intermediary Court, has concluded that Deelchand and his accomplices are guilty of conspiracy, on the grounds that the version of Antoine Chetty (considered to be reliable by the magistrate) corroborates with that of Anwar Toorabally.

The sentence of the guilty men will soon be pronounced.

Antoine Chetty also related that the notary had instructed him to throw acid onto the face of Anwar Toorabally. The clash broke out between Deelchand and Toorabally over a piece of land situated at Bois-Pignolet, Terre-Rouge, back in 1994. It is said that a client had acquired the land but not paid for it in full; of Rs 3 million, he had paid only Rs 1.6 million. He has still not given the remaining amount. Notary Deelchand was in charge of the sale contract, but it seems that the contract had certain discrepancies. Initially, Toorabally went to retrieve his money several times. He had even been accompanied by 18 individuals once. However, Antoine Chetty had intervened and told him to vacate the premises. Thereafter, Toorabally had threatened to bring the case to court.  However, the garage of Toorabally was set on fire in August 2000, and Deelchand and his partners were accused of the deed.

Magistrate Ramdin found the version given by Antoine Chetty and Anwar Toorabally to be the most credible.

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