Arrest of Navin Ramgoolam: Arvin Boolell Denounces Political Vendetta

Arvin Boolell has defended the PTr leader, Navin Ramgoolam, denouncing the government as entertaining political vendetta against the latter by repeatedly having him arrested. He also described Navin Ramgoolam as a martyr.

Arvind B.

Arvin Boolell addressing reporters after the meeting of yesterday.

Following the arrest of Navin Ramgoolam yesterday, the PTr had held a meeting a Square Guy Rozement. Arvin Boolell has severely condemned the fact that the CCID arrested Ramgoolam again. He has called out to the police, exhorting them not to take instructions from “anyone”, and not to arrest individuals arbitrarily.

He stated that there cannot be arbitrary arrests all the time. According to him, it is a very serious matter, and the government is making the situation much worse than necessary.

Boolell has also affirmed that he might have had differences with his friends, but he believes that the government must live up to its responsibilities when it comes to these circumstances. He added that the consequences thereof will be extremely serious. He also mentioned a social crisis that might arise from the current situation.

Furthermore, Arvin Boolell described the deeds of the government as “political vendetta”, and he implied that Navin Ramgoolam was made a “martyr”.


  • Navin arrested again??? GOOOOOOOOD. And Boollel described the situation as a vendetta? Navin as a martyr????? LOLOL, we, the people of Mauritius have suffered during 14 years. We were the martyr of Navin Ramgoolam and not the opposit. You are blind, foolish and funny. This Gov is cleaning-up all of your wrongdoings. We are all waiting for Navin to be framed.

  • Well well well, isn’t it a bit far-fetched, to call Ramgoolam a “martyr” ? Jeez where is all this money comming from, money belonging to people of Mauritius, just asking.

    • Yes, and this is what i was asking too. We wered the martyr during 14 years. lol he is quite funny, foolish and unrealisic.

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