BAI Crisis: Employees & CEOs of BAI Subsidiary Groups Sacked

Following the dismissal of employees of the BAI subsidiary groups, the CEOs and Chairman of some of the associated firms have met with the same fate, including, Valérie Rawat, Claudio Feistritzer and Brian Burns. This is likely to be followed by more employees getting sacked in the near future. The employees therefore wish to make their voices heard by way of a peaceful march scheduled for this weekend.

V. Rawat, C. Feistritzer & B. Burns

From left to right: Valérie Rawat, Claudio Feistritzer & Brian Burns. Photo credits: l’

The BAI crisis has resulted in a new development: certain members of the Rawat family have been dismissed from their posts. Valérie Rawat, the sister-in-law of Dawood Rawat, together with the latter’s sons-in-law Brian Burns and Claudio Feistritzer, have been sacked on the 20th of May, effective immediately.

Valérie Rawat was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Apollo Bramwell hospital, and the Apollo Bramwell Nursing School. Burns was the CEO of Iframac, and Feistritzer was the Chairman of Bramcom Holding Ltd.

More than 200 employees of the subsidiary groups of the BAI were dismissed recently; of these, 122 were from the hospital. Now, it seems that many more will have the same fate.

Meanwhile, the employees are determined not to remain silent in the wake of the current predicament. Several of them will organise a peaceful march at Quatre-Bornes on Saturday. They have the support of the Federation of Progressive Unions and the Confederation of employees of the private sector. According to union activist Reaz Chuttoo, more than 900 employees of Courts have filled in the forms of participation on Monday.


  • Dawood Rawat was seen in a restaurant in France last mont by my friend. There is nothing wrong with him as he was stuffing himself with food. He certainly did not look like a sick person.

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