BAI Crisis: Minister of Employment & Mushtaq Oosman To Find Solutions By Today

The Minister of Employment, Soodesh Callichurn, has met the Special Administrator of the BAI, Mushtaq Oosman, yesterday 21st of May, to discuss potential solutions to the crisis that resulted from the BAI affair – hundreds of employees of the subsidiary groups of the BAI had lost their jobs and the government had initially promised that it would not turn a blind eye to them.

mushtaq oosman

Mushtaq Oosman. Photo credits:

Soodesh Callichurn and Mushtaq Oosman have to come up with a solution by today.

The minister admitts that certain procedures have not been respected and that Oosman has his justifications for it. The latter says his actions were based on the Insolvency Act. According to l’, he is reported to have explained “tou bann ki gaign enn gro saler, otan ki possib nou tir zot”.

Furthermore, certain important posts have been preserved, but with certain compromises.

Mushtaq Oosman also added that some more employees will be dismissed; he affirmed that they have discussed with the employees concerned.

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