Boat Accident Resulted In 18 Injured Indian Tourists Near Ile-Aux-Cerfs

A collision between two boats near île-aux-Cerfs resulted in 19 individuals getting injured yesterday at around 17h00. 18 of them are tourists from India, and one is a Mauritian skipper called Jérémy R. One of the boats had 15 passengers while the second one had 19.

boat accident

Transporting one of the victims to the clinic of Grand-Baie. Photo credits:

The injured tourists included old people and teenagers. They were all transported to the hospital or to a clinic for medical experts to attend to their wounds. After the collision, one of the boats stopped near to a hotel, from where the injured tourists were taken to the hospital of Flacq by tour operators. The other one stopped by Golf City, and the passengers were evacuated by officers of the National Coast Guard of Trou-d’Eau-Douce.

The wounded people were placed under observation. Some were injured only slightly while others had fractures. Some of the tourists were to leave Mauritius today.

The 2 skippers, Jérémy R., and Sylvestre R., were made to take an alcotest which turned out to be negative for both.

It is said that Sylvestre R. attempted to escape but was held by the coast guard of Deux-Freres. He later explained that he had escaped because of fear after the accident.

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