Brian Burns Appeared in the Court of Rose-Hill Today

Brian Burns, the ex-CEO of Iframac and the son-in-law of Dawood Rawat, was summoned at the headquarters of the CCID yesterday 25th of May. After more than 8 hours spent in the interrogation room, he was arrested; 3 accusations have been charged against him. He spent the night at the detention center of Moka. He has appeared in the court of Rose-Hill today morning.

Brian Burns
Brian Burns

Brian Burns, the husband of Laina Rawat, who was recently made to leave the post of CEO of Iframac, has been accused of “conspiracy to defraud”, “computer misuse” under the Information and Communication Technologies Act and of “money laundering”.

The CCID accuses him of having modified computer data of Courts and embezzled the funds of the firm (Rs 1.4 billion) by selling his Hire Purchase Book to the Bramer Banking Corporation Limited. He is also suspected of having paid Rs 180 million to Dawood Rawat annually even when the company did not make profits.

Brian Burns has allegedly denied these accusations.

His release on parole will now depend on the CCID investigators.

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  • operatoion coup de poing; tilulu tilul ti; operatoion coup de poing; tilulu tilul ti; lol: Un grand merci à tous pour la justice qui ce fait dans notre petit île.

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