CEB, The New Internet Service Provider?

The Central Electricity Board (CEB) might soon become an Internet Service Provider (ISP). According to l’Express, a team of the CEB is currently working on the file thereof since some weeks now. Orange will thus possibly have a new competitor.


The new management of the CEB is working in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Services. Their aim is to provide Internet all across Mauritius, and to do so at a lower price.

In the meantime, a study is being performed to determine the steps to be taken for the project. At this moment, they state not being able to reveal their strategy.

As a matter of fact, the CEB already has the resources: optical fibers in sufficient quantity to cover most of the island. The CEB had already included them in high-voltage cables a few years ago. The optical fibers of the CEB are allegedly under-used though; they are only used for remote monitoring, telemetry, and for fax machines; they are also connected to a computer system that controls the networks.

Furthermore, the CEB might associate itself with other ISPs, or it might work on its own.

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