Corpse of Teenage Girl Found On A Road in Rose-Hill

The dead body of a 15-year-old girl has been found at Rose-Hill on a road near the Notre-Dame de Lourdes Church today morning.

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The teenage girl was an inhabitant of St-Pierre, and a student of a secondary school located in Rose-Hill. She is said to have gone to a flat at around 7 in the morning today. She told the watchman of the building that she was going to meet a friend.

The watchman said that he gave her access to the flat because she had the “code” to allow her in. He said that he had noticed nothing unusual except that he saw the bag of the young girl on the ground-floor. However, minutes later he discovered her dead body on the road.

An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

Afternoon Updates

It has been reported that the teenager was a student of the Queen Elizabeth College.

The circumstances surrounding her death are still obscure. The police is inclining towards the possibility that she might have committed suicide. Her family and friends have no clue though as to why she would end her life.

The rector of the educational institution she attended affirmed that she was a cheerful and hardworking student.

The autopsy will be done today afternoon itself by Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin.

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