Courts Employees Concerned About Their Position

This week, a number of stores of Courts were left without electricity because the bills were allegedly not paid. Now, the employees are anxious and uncertain about their jobs. The BAI crisis is spiralling down further and further.


Employees of Courts are worried as to what fate has reserved for them. They are reported to have shared their concerns relating to their salaries: they fear lest they do not receive their monthly pay for this month. They gathered today at Trianon to alert the government of their current situation. They affirm that their jobs are at stake.

Furthermore, they are unsure whether they will remain employed. Either way, they do not wish to stay in the dark anymore. They demand that a solution is brought forth. According to them, it is unfair for the employees to suffer the consequences for the rich people. They have argued that the authorities are almost only focused on paying back policy holders.

They have also highlighted that they have nothing against the government or the Rawat family. Rather, they just want their jobs to be guaranteed to them.

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