Courts Stores Deprived of Electricity Because of Non-Payment of Bills

Several stores of Courts have had to be closed earlier than usual yesterday, allegedly because of having been deprived of electricity because the bills were not paid.


A number of stores of Courts have been deprived of electricity: allegedly, the electricity bills have not been paid for two months. Therefore, it seems that on the 11th of May, the Central Electricity Board (CEB) did not supply electricity to several stores as from 14h00. As a consequence, the latter have had to be closed earlier than usual.

More stores might face the same predicament today as well.

The bills of around 20 Courts stores might be around Rs 90 million to Rs 100 million per month. Is Courts unable to make the massive payments?

The General Manager of the CEB, Gerard Hebrard, has not confirmed the news though. He has instead stated that this constitutes confidential information between the CEB and its clients. He explained that he could not reveal anything to the media.

It appears that Courts is not the only one being sanctioned by the CEB. Seemingly, the clinic Apollo Bramwell has also been deprived of electricity. This has not been confirmed either though. However, it is reported that the CEB will sanction a satellite unit of the clinic which is situated in Riviere-Noire. It seems that the bill thereof has not been paid.

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  • LOL LOL LOL LOL, as mentioned in the program aired by the MBC, these companies belongs to the big guys from BAI, BRAMWELL IFRAMAC etc, which you can vbiew down below with the link provided. What is going to happen to the emplayees? Are they going to be sacked?

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