Demonstration At Eden College: PSSA Writes To The School Management

According to, the Private Secondary School Authority (PSSA) has received several complaints from the students of Eden College, Rose-Hill, pertaining to the management of the institution. In response to the correspondence, the PSSA wrote to the school. However, the school management alleges not having received any letter.

school closed

A group of students had organised a demonstration on the premises of the school on Thursday 28th of May. Consequently, the school was closed today, as the management argued that they were going to find a solution to the predicament, and to avoid putting the safety of other students at risk.

The students demand to have more freedom, and less rigid discipline. In their protest, they refused to get into their classrooms. The police then had had to be called. A student had even fallen unconscious during the chaos, and the services of an ambulance was sought.

The school had informed the Ministry of Education and the PSSA when the demonstration started. The management still believes that their level of discipline is essential.

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  • Disciplines leads to success. Discipline starts from the cot to the tomb. If students are not discipline then it will be difficult to deliver high level of education. Discipline helps educators to give the maximum to students and thus naturally will lead to the success of the students, institutions and personal satisfaction of the educators. Nowadays our youngsters are not ready to accept critism and they are the looser. Critism will empower them and allow them to develop their critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.

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