Demonstration At Eden College: School Closed Today

Around one hundred of students of Eden College, Rose-Hill, carried out a demonstration of protest yesterday, 28th of May. They refused to get into their classrooms. They have denounced what they believe to be lacking in the school: the absence of sports activities, and not enough equipment. They argue that they are deprived of a number of facilities. As a consequence, the decision to have the school closed today was made.

school closed

As a consequence of the demonstration organised by the students yesterday, the management of the school issued a communiqué on the same day to announce that the institution will remain closed on Friday. Authorisation was obtained from the PSSA. The school authorities also spoke of “acts of vandalism” in the announcement.

The assistance of the police was sought when the students refused to resume their classes. Those responsible for the demonstration were described as wanting more freedom and less discipline.

It was explained that the decision to close the school was made so that a solution can be found in the meantime, and also, not to endanger the security of the other students. Another incident occurred during the event: a student allegedly fell unconscious, and an ambulance had to be called.

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