Dhanrajsing Aubeeluck, Leader of Party Malin, To Be Arrested Soon For Misbehaviour?

Dhanrajsing Aubeeluck, the leader of Party Malin, might be approached by the police in the near future for his behaviour deemed inappropriate towards Irfan Rahman, the electoral commissioner. The latter has been advised by the commission to report the case to the police.

Dhanrajsing A. Party Malin
Dhanrajsing Aubeeluck

The leader of Party Malin, Dhanrajsing Aubeeluck, has always attracted attention. The most recent incident in which he was involved, though, has been criticised by many.

Dhanrajsing Aubeeluck is said to have spoken harshly to the electoral commissioner, Irfan Rahman, and a police officer during the registration procedures of his party for the municipal elections. The incident occurred on the 12th of May.

The Electoral Supervisory Commission has deplored his behaviour, describing it as being “violent, injurious, and threatening”. The commission has asked the electoral commissioner, Irfan Rahman, to report the case to the police.


Screenshot of the video featuring the incident, showing Dhanrajsing speaking to the police officer

The leader of Party Malin was infuriated that one of the names of his candidates was incorrectly written for the general elections last year.

Find below the video:-

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