Extraditing Nandanee Soornack: 2 CCID Officers Travel To Italy

Two CCID investigators have travelled to Parma, Italy, to bring Nandanee Soornack back. Certain procedures have yet to be finalised in Italy before taking the huge step. The officers are expected to land in Italy today afternoon. The decision to send the police to Europe was implemented after the compilation of a relevant file based on the Extradition Act by the Solicitors Office. Now, they will have to convince Italian authorities to extradite Soornack.

Nandanee S.

The Solicitors Office gave the official authorisation to the CCID to start the procedures relating to the interrogation of Nandanee Soornack in Parma. She will thus soon be personally informed of the accusations levelled against her. If everything goes as planned, she will be extradited to Mauritius, escorted by police officers.

The CCID had compiled a number of documents pertaining to the Mauritius Duty Free Paradise (MDFP) affair. Soornack is suspected to have received several millions of rupees of commission from the purchase of products by the MDFP. The commissions are thought to be around Rs 10 million. She also has money laundering charges against her. Furthermore, she is thought to be involved in the Roches-Noires robbery case.

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