Hold-Up At Wooton Gas Station: Robbers Take Away Rs 122,000

A hold-up has been reported to have happened at a gas station located at Wooton. Two masked men attacked two petrol pump attendants yesterday night before taking away Rs 122,000.


This marks the third time the same gas station has been the prey of thieves. The two other instances occurred in April and December 2014.

The owner of the gas station, Sunjive Jankee, explained what happened on Radio Plus. He was not present there at the time of the incident. He related that the masked men arrived when the two attendants had already closed the station. They were about to leave with the money, but fate had it otherwise. One of them was hit in the back with a pipe, and the robbers took away the money.

This happened in spite of the increased security level of the station. Security cameras had been set up. Furthermore, there were two shifts: the money obtained at the first half of the day would be deposited in the bank at 14h00, and that received in the afternoon would be taken later. It seems that the thieves were conscious of this, and therefore, they attacked when they could take away the money obtained later.

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