Investigating Mysterious Death of QEC Girl: IT Unit of Police Accessing Her Mobile Phone

In the aftermath of the death of the QEC girl whose body was found on a road in Rose-Hill, police officers have been investigating the circumstances leading to the tragic end of the teenager. They have attempted to find more about her by going through the contents of her mobile phone, but to no avail.

Rose Hill suicide

The building from where the girl allegedly jumped. Photo credits:

Investigators of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of Rose-Hill meant to examine the mobile phone of the young girl. However, its contents are as yet inaccessible to them. Therefore, the assistance of the IT Unit of the police will be sought to retrieve the data available on the phone.

The police wishes to know who the girl contacted before the inevitable happened. Perhaps, information obtained from the phone could indicate what happened after she arrived at the flat.

The autopsy performed on the corpse revealed that multiple injuries led to her death. For now, it seems that the teenage girl committed suicide by jumping from the 7th floor of the building she went to at 7 in the morning. It is reported in that she had left a message that read “It’s done. It’s finalise. Am ready to leave you guys”. However, her family is sceptical as to the theory of suicide.


From latest information provided by those close to the teenager, it is said that there has been misreporting of the message she left. One of her friends clarified the matter, explaining that it was a Whatsapp status that read something else altogether.

In reality, the message was not a suicidal one. Instead, it was the complete opposite of it:-



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