Jockey Fausto Durso of Rameshwar Gujadhur’s Stable Murdered in Brazil

Notorious jockey Fausto Durso has allegedly been killed by the ex-husband of his girlfriend in Brazil.

fausto durso

Fausto Durso

The Brazilian jockey Fausto Durso who had participated in the horse racing of last season for the stable of Rameshwar Gujadhur has been murdered by the ex-husband of his girlfriend in Brazil on the 9th of May.

Fausto Durso was in the Mauritian news pertaining to the Gemmayze Street (the name of the horse he was riding) affair. Gemmayze Street was made to participate in the race of the 17th event of 2014. It was argued that they were involved in a plot against the favourite of the game, Albert Mooney.

After an investigation was carried out, Fausto Durso as well as Budeshwar Guajdhur, who was the coach of the stable Paul Foo Kune, were suspended for 20 weeks.


  • I am very saddened by this news!!

    I do sincerely believe that the late Mr Fausto Durso, had ridden Gemmayze Street as i was told to do! There is no way that he had taken such a disastrous decision on his own.

    The MTC has in some way contributed indirectly to the death of this man. He could have been in Mauritius if they were willing to see through this matter properly.


    • Hi, I share the same point of view, but i strongly believe that rather than the MTC, it is Paul Foo Kune and Bud Gujadhur who are more involved indirectly in this murder, because they are the one responsible for corrupting the man!

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