Kiran Meetarbhan Demands Rs 7.3 Million From The State

The ex-Executive Director of the Competition Commission of Mauritius (CCM), Kiran Meetarbhan, has decided to sue the Prime Minister and the State. In an affidavit, she has demanded Rs 7,3 millions (Rs 2.3 million for property damage and Rs 5 million for moral damage) from Sir Anerood Jugnauth and Ravi Yerrigadoo after her revocation from the post of the CCM on the 30th of January. She has asked for a review of the decision of the PM to terminate her contract as executive director.

Kiran Meetarbhan

Kiran Meetarbhan

After being revoked from the post of Executive Director, Kiran Meetarbhan reintegrated the permanent post of Deputy Executive Director and Chief Legal Adviser at the commission. However, she argues that she was not a political nominee and that she was not to be dismissed from her post.

She further added that section 113 (4) (5) of the Constitution would not apply to a person, as in her case, who was designated by the president, on the advice of the PM after consulting with the Leader of the Opposition.

She said that there is a particular procedure relating to the revocation of the executive director of the commission, on the grounds that according to the Competition Act of 2007, the director can be revoked if he is found guilty of a serious mistake by an investigating committee, adding that this was not her case.

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