Kiran Meetarbhan Suspended From The CCM

After losing the post of director of the CCM, Kiran Meetarbhan now finds that of Deputy Executive Director slipping away from her.

Kiran Meetarbhan

Kiran Meetarbhan

Kiran Meetarbhan, previously occupying the post of Deputy Executive Director and Chief Legal Adviser at the Competition Commission of Mauritius (CCM), has been suspended, effective immediately. She has received a letter today 7th of May to inform her of the decision, signed by the new director of the CCM.

The reason provided to justify her suspension is alleged to be maladministration.

It is to be noted that Kiran Meetarbhan has filed a court case against the Prime Minister, and the Mauritian State. She demands Rs 7.3 million from Sir Anerood Jugnauth and Ravi Yerrigadoo after her revocation from the post of Director of the CCM on the 30th of January.

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