Maternal Death Rate: WHO Gives Mauritius the Worst Grade in Africa

Mauritius has been given a very poor grade by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in its World Health Statistics report. It is the only country in Africa to have obtained a -4. As a consequence, remedial measures will be taken, one of which might possibly entail a Maternal Death Audit.

maternal death

Of all the countries in Africa involved in the study, Mauritius is the only one having earned a negative ratio for maternal mortality from 1990 to 2013. According to figures provided by the Ministry of Health, 9 women in 1,000 died after giving birth in 2013. Back in 2000, only 4 in 1,000 women met with the tragic end.

In response to this situation, gynaecologist Praveen Ramdaursingh recommended that a Maternal Death Audit is set up. He explained that this measure would provide more insight into the exact causes of the problem.

According to the doctor, one of the main reasons the mortality rate is so high is because of the high number of women giving birth after the age of 30. Having entered the thirties, a woman is more at risk of developing diseases and complications.

He also questioned a number of aspects of the follow-up of pregnant women, including the regularity of blood samples taken for analysis, and whether complicated cases are referred to specialists.

He has also suggested that maternity units are set up in hospitals to follow the cases of pregnant women. According to him, it is better for pregnant women to be assisted by a team of several doctors instead of a single specialist at the Outpatient department.

Furthermore, he believes that the system whereby doctors have to communicate with each other over the cases of patients at “handing over” time every morning should be reintroduced.


  • Elderly patients in Fortis Darne, Floreal, Mauritius, are poorly treated, they are left to die. Government hospitals, Victoria at Candous, heart patients are made to wait for call, a woman patient died right in front of my eyes. There is only one doctor for Orthopedic, with long awaited patients, to be checked.

  • Fortis Darne and Apollo Bramwell hospital are just for business purpose. Apollo Bramwell was operated initially by fugitive Dawood Rawat’s wife, and now the whole family is under scrutiny. Fortis Darne located at Floreal, Maurtius is one of the worst private hospital. During emergency time, specially in the night, they have a residency doctor, later in the morning, a specialist comes. And they keep pressuring you to pay the bills. Government hospitals of Mauritius are worst, congested with patients, doctors who hardly check heart beat or pulse, and prescribe the most common medications such as paracetamol, diclofenic and that too from India, never heard pharmaceutical companies. Mauritius health ministry claims Quality Life, Quality Health, but has poor doctors, and medicines with poor quality.

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