Mauritian Authorities Optimistic About Soornack’s Extradition

Nandanee Soornack will soon return to the island escorted by CCID officers (Chief Inspector Dawoodharry and Inspector Goinden) according to the Mauritian authorities. The latter are optimistic that the Italian ones will accept their request to extradite Soornack. The officers are said to have met up with the Italian Minister of Justice yesterday, who will take the final decision. It seems that the Mauritian police built up a solid case justifying her extradition; furthermore, Soornack does not have an Italian nationality which will allegedly work in the favour of the police.

Nandanee Soornack

Chief Inspector Dawoodharry and Inspector Goinden travelled to Italy on Saturday 23rd of May after having compiled a file under the Extradition Act. They had a meeting with the Italian Minister of Justice yesterday, 25th of May. They had already met with an examining magistrate entrusted with the role of justifying in the court of Parma as to why Soornack has to be extradited.

The file put together by the CCID is believed to be authoritative enough to convince of the need for extraditing Soornack. Furthermore, what is expected to ease the procedures for the Mauritian authorities is that Soornack does not have an Italian nationality; rather she only has a residence permit which she obtained after making the acquisition of a flat in Italy.

The CCID officers will be in Italy till the end of this week. If the Italian authorities accede to their request, Nandanee Soornack will return with them.

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