Mozilla Brings Forth “Suggested Tiles” To Promote Advertising Based On Browsing History

Ad-Block users on Firefox, this news will break your pretty little hearts! Mozilla will use your browsing history IN FIREFOX to promote advertising. The innovation has been termed “Suggested Tiles”.

Advertising on Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla will soon extend its scope for advertising. It has been testing several ad options for its browser lately. It has already added tiles to blank tabs, known as Directory Tiles. Now, it is preparing a “complement” to Directory Tiles, to put up ads based on the user’s Web history – this will be called Suggested Tiles.

It has also specified that it does “not retain or share personal data, nor are we using cookies”. Furthermore, users can choose not to go for this option, by editing their browsing history.

The Suggested Tiles are being described as promoting “transparent conversations with brands”.

“We believe users should be able easily to understand what content is promoted, who it is from and why they are seeing it,” Mozilla said.

Mozilla will release Suggested Tiles to the Firefox beta channel as from next week.

“Initially, users will first see ‘Affiliate’ Tiles advertisements for other Mozilla causes and Firefox products before Suggested Tiles from our content partners appear,” Firefox said. “Note that we’ll be rolling out the product in phases starting first with Firefox users in the U.S.”

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