Municipal Elections 2015: The MMM Brings Forth 120 Candidates

The MMM candidates whose participation has been enlisted for the municipal elections have been presented to the public today during a press conference.

Paul B.

Paul Berenger, leader of the MMM

The MMM explained that the 120 candidates have been selected based on 3 criteria: honesty, dedication, and competence. Their names have officially been announced to the public today.

Paul Berenger has explained that the list of candidates includes many young people, as well as several women, and experienced individuals. He believes that the elections will help the party bounce back. The campaigns will be short and intense, according to him.

Also, commenting on the upcoming municipal elections, Paul Berenger says that they have a national influence. He says that they will go from household to household, but that they have limited means.

During the press conference, Paul Berenger also spoke of issues currently dominating local news, namely the BAI affair. He has deplored the social repercussions thereof. He also asserted that according to his experience, general elections will be held in the upcoming 12 months following the municipal elections.

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