suicide letter

Mysterious Note Alluding to Suicide Found In Queen Elizabeth College

A mysterious note that was found in the “Suggestion Box” put at the disposal of students of Queen Elizabeth College (QEC) has left the administration perplexed. The note alluded to suicide. After several deaths of teenagers having been passed off as suicide in the last few weeks, the school personnel is deeply concerned as to the origin of such a note. The Ministry of Education affirms having taken the necessary precautions to cater for the students’ needs. The QEC staff has had a training with the Life Plus Unit to equip them with the required knowledge. The services of a team of psychologists have also been sought.

suicide letter

What is the origin of the note? Was it from a student seriously considering suicide? The school administration will not take any risk. The necessary precautions and preventive measures have been set up with the assistance of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Security.

After coming across the note in the school’s Suggestion Box, the teaching staff was asked to be on the look-out for suspicious cases. For instance, students appearing to be depressed, or those whose academic performance has dropped in quality, are to be given special attention.

The Ministry of Education has provided the required expertise to deal with the situation. The Life Plus Unit of the Ministry of Social Security has trained the school personnel to handle the affair. A team of psychologists are also there to assist the students. Social workers have enlisted their participation. Furthermore, a special training will be given to teachers volunteering to help.

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