François de Grivel's views on MT

New Price of 512 Kb ADSL: Rs 499

The price of certain Mauritius Telecom Internet packages has been lowered. For instance, the 512 Kb and the 4 Mb ADSL are now at a more affordable price.

François de Grivel's views on MT

The cost of subscription to the 512 Kb ADSL will be decreased by 30 % as from the 1st of June: it will go from Rs 699 to Rs 499. More than half of the subscribers to Mauritius Telecom (55 % of them) are concerned by the change.

The Chief Executive Officer de Mauritius Telecom, Sherry Singh, announced the price updates in a press conference scheduled yesterday afternoon.

The price of the 4Mb ADSL has also been lowered: from Rs 2,349 to Rs 1,849, updated to a speed of 30 Mb. Furthermore, ADSL 1 Mb and 2 Mb will now be 10 times faster while the tariffs will remain unchanged.

Sherry Singh also informed of the new investments of Mauritius Telecom: Rs 5.1 billion will be injected in the optical fiber project.

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