PTr Meeting: Arvin Boolell & Navin Ramgoolam To Meet Up Today

Navin Ramgoolam is to meet up with Arvin Boolell today. The meeting is meant to determine the position of Arvin Boolell with respect to the PTr.


Arvin Boolell

Arvin Boolell had recently resigned from the post of spokesman of the political party. But, he had also mentioned that he would not leave the PTr. His new roles now have to be defined.

Navin Ramgoolam might possibly become the “leader-mentor” of the group, while his counterpart will handle the “day-to-day business”. It is likely that Arvin Boolell will discuss a restructuring plan for the group with the ex-PM.

The PTr has a number of tasks to execute. It is scheduled to decide whether or not to go for the municipal elections three days prior to the Nomination Day. Patrick Assirvaden has explained that the group is currently going through certain financial difficulties. He stated that there is a “Freezing Order” on the accounts of the PTr. In spite of this, they are still updating the list of candidates.

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