PTr Meeting: Spokesperson Arvind Boolell Leaves, Outraged By The Presence of “Bouncers”

When “bouncers” came to a meeting of the PTr yesterday (12.05.15), Arvind Boolell decided that he would not have it anymore: the spokesman of the party did a walk-out there and then.

Arvind B.

Arvind Boolell leaving the meeting yesterday. Photo credits:

The executive committee of the PTr was to meet at square Guy-Rozement to finalise the list of candidates for the municipal elections 2015. To the surprise of Arvind Boolell, Navin Ramgoolam came to the meeting. Furthermore, “bouncers” also came who were allegedly up to some trouble. As a consequence, Arvind Boolell preferred leaving the meeting altogether.

Upon leaving, he is reported to have exclaimed at the bouncers: “Bien fer tapaz? Korek? Korek? Met sa bien dans zot latet, nanyé pa fer mwa per”.

When reporters asked him about the incident, he explained: “Zamé monn trouv travayis fer taper vini pou fer enn réunion”.

After his departure, the meeting was presided over by Navin Ramgoolam who commented on what happened, saying that he had nothing against Arvind Boolell. The latter thereafter announced that he would resign as the spokesperson of the PTr. He will not be leaving the PTr though: when asked by journalists, he had said: “Sa mo parti, kifer mo pou kitt mo parti ? Se mo parti sa ! Kifer mo pou kite?”

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