Purchase of 6 Airplanes By Air Mauritius: Evidence Against Navin Ramgoolam Revealed

In some years from now, Mauritians are going to remember 2015 as Navin Ramgoolam’s most eventful year. No sooner has he been liberated on parole yesterday 17th of May, that incriminating evidence pertaining to other issues is being put forward by the authorities. You have guessed right, reader: the ex-PM is reported to be have involved in yet another ‘case’. The government will soon reveal certain pieces of evidence – which is the result of a full enquiry on the national aviation company started since January by the Ministry of Financial Services & Good Governance – against Navin Ramgoolam relating to the acquisition of six A350-900 airplanes by Air Mauritius.


On the 13th of January , the Ministry of Tourism led the Ministry of Good Governance into a full enquiry over the national airline company, Air Mauritius. The first findings of the investigation have been revealed.

Ex-PM, Navin Ramgoolam, was allegedly linked with Thomas Francis Gleeson in the above-mentioned transaction. The latter seems to have influenced a number of important decisions of the ex-PM. Furthermore, the management and the board of directors of the national airline company are suspected to have been involved in the negotiations.

Documents have been revealed to constitute pertinent evidence hinting at the mysterious happenings. Allegedly, they show that Gleeson acted as intermediary with the firm in this affair, as requested by the ex-PM. Moreover, Gleeson was supposedly present at many meetings of the board of directors of the airline firm pertaining to the transaction, while he was neither a member nor a shareholder of the company.

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