Repaying the Clients of Bramer Asset Management: Roshi Bhadain Promises New Solutions

The Minister of Good Governance, Roshi Bhadain, has reassured the clients of all the investment funds of the Bramer Asset Management that they will get all of their capital back. They will be paid in installments just like those of the Super Cash Back Gold insurance policy.

Roshi Bhadain

Minister Roshi Bhadain

Roshi Bhadain made the announcement during a meeting with the support committee of the clients. He explained that the procedure to do so is currently being studied.

Clients of the Hennessy Trust and of the Discretionary Portfolio Management will have the totality of their capital returned to them. The first repayment will be done soon, according to the minister.

Solutions have already been formulated for two funds, the Authorised Long Term Ethical Equity Fund (ALEEF) and the Emerging Africa Bond Fund (EABF).

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  • Mr R Bhadain has promised that the clients of Bramer Asset Management will get a refund of their capital. But I cannot understand the deduction of 15% and 20% at source. Will anyone explain this and why we are not treated the same way as the clients of BAI .THANKS

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