Road Construction Halted At Ripailles Because of Risk of Landslides

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has decided that no more road construction work will be done at Ripailles because of the risk of landslides.


Road at Ripailles. Photo credits: L’

Construction works of the Terre-Rouge-Verdun motorway at the level of Valton-Ripailles have been halted, as ordained by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. The authorities affirm that the region of Ripailles is vulnerable to landslides such that road construction there might prove to be perilous.

It is argued that the ground at Ripailles is not stable; it might be similar to that of Valton. Therefore, the works have been ceased for now. The ministry wishes to have a long-term solution, as opposed to the problems that arose at Valton.

South-African experts were to analyse the predicament of Valton. Thereafter, they will take samples from Ripailles. The results are not expected to be revealed before July. The report will determine whether the government will decide to complete the project or not.

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