Robbery Case: Stealing The Pants of A Taxi Driver

Two taxi drivers have been attacked by four men on Thursday 21st of May in the region of Plaines Wilhems. One of the victims had a bleaker fate: he was robbed of his very pants. The robbers took away the money that had been in the possession of the taxi drivers, a gold chain, and mobile phones. Two of four suspects have already been arrested. It seems that both cases involve the same criminals: the police reported that the modus operandi of both are similar.


The two suspects are 29-year-old Jean Gerald Stephano Christome and 25-year-old Jean Fabrice Grand Paul. They are both recorded as repeat offenders, and reside in Camp-Levieux, Eau-Coulée.

The modus operandi in the two cases are very similar. The first attack happened at around 19h00. A taxi driver was approached by 2 individuals when he was near Regent complex, at Vacoas. They asked him to take them to Floreal, near a riding club. When they reached there, they refused to pay the taxi fare. They were later joined by another man. They then demanded the driver to give them all of his money and his mobile phone; the victim tried to resist, but the robbers ultimately took away Rs 3,500, his phone, and they also made him remove his pants.

At around 21h00, another taxi driver was approached by 4 men at La Louise. They also asked to be brought to Floreal, near a riding club. Again, when they reached there, they refused to pay, and took away the taxi driver’s mobile phone, a gold chain, and Rs 2,500.

After the police was informed, they were led to the two suspects who were then arrested. The latter appeared in the court of Curepipe yesterday. The police is now searching for their accomplices.

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