Rumours of Kidnapping For Organ Traffic in La Gaulette

Inhabitants of regions of the south and west of the island are growing more and more concerned about rumours of kidnappings for the purpose of organ traffic.


People residing in the areas supposedly affected have had a meeting with the police of Tamarin to discuss the situation. They are said to be overwhelmed by the rumours such that certain students of a college situated in the west of Mauritius refuse to go to school out of fear of being kidnapped. The rector of the educational institution concerned has had to enquire about what has really been happening.

Some inhabitants have mentioned the occurrence of a suspicious black vehicle found on the roads of La Gaulette. According to their statements, 4 individuals travel onboard the vehicle.

How true would these rumours be? The police itself has asserted that no disappearance case has been reported until now.


  • most organs traffic are from south americans,thai and Indians.As there is no south americans immigrants and thai immigrants in Mauritius.It is most probably Indians who are practising this job in Mauritius as it is very very common crime in india.

  • it is really very horible!if there is something like this happening in mauritius!i hope the authorities are on alerte…

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