Treasure of Notorious Pirate, Captain Kidd, Found In Seas of Madagascar

A group of explorers have discovered a 45 kg silver ingot in the seas of Madagascar. The precious metal is believed to have been part of the booty of famous pirate, Captain Kidd, who died in 1701.


The 45 kg silver ingot discovered at the North-East of Madagascar. It is thought to belong to “Captain Kidd”, a pirate hanged in London in 1701.

American explorers have found a silver ingot weighing 45 kg from a wreck along the waters of Madagascar that is believed to have once been the ship of Captain Kidd. The latter, going by the name William Kidd, was a notorious pirate living in the 17th century. William Kidd was born in Scotland, on the 22nd of January 1645. He died in London in 1701. His name is mentioned in the writings of Edgar Poe.

A British production company has the task of recording the search operations. The activities are under the control of archaeologist Barry Clifford.

Barry Clifford has himself brought the silver ingot from the depths of the sea, near the islet St-Marie situated at the North-East of Madagascar, at a region known as “Pirate Bay”. The large chunk of silver was then handed over to president Hery Rajaonarimampianina who was present at the event together with some members of his government, and the American and British ambassadors.

13 ships have been discovered so far at Pirate Bay. Barry Clifford and his team have been working on two of them – the Fire Dragon and the ship of Captain Kidd, the Adventure Galley – for 10 weeks now. He relates that after 15 years of research and expeditions to Madagascar, he has finally made an extraordinary discovery. He said in a statement that he found a huge silver ingot in the ship he believes to be the Adventure Galley. According to him, all the evidence suggests that the treasure belonged to Captain Kidd.

A more profound analysis will be done to confirm whether the ingot was really part of the treasure of Kidd.

The UNESCO, however, is wary of the project: it fears lest the commercial interest entertained in the project overshadows the scientific vigour over the precious site.

A UNESCO expert in archaeology, Ulrike Guerin, is of the opinion that the filming of the archaeological site should not have been authorised.

UNESCO added that it is not stating that the procedures have been done in an incorrect manner. It also said that the discovery of the said treasure serves nothing if it means destroying an archaeological site. It will soon send a team there on the request of the authorities of Madagascar.


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