Turning Osterlog Valley Situated Near Cluny Into An Ecotourism Attraction

The Osterlog Valley will be turned into an ecotourism attraction. The Ministry of Agro-Industry intends to invest Rs 8 million to enhance the infrastructure and to offer new services to attract more and more visitors.

Osterlog Valley

Osterlog Valley

The valley is situated near Cluny and Midlands, partly enclosed by Lagrave mountains. Its 275-hectare-land makes up one of the last habitats for some endemic flora species to Mauritius. The road leading to the paradisiacal forest is currently in deplorable condition though. Furthermore, the road signs indicating its location are barely helpful.

The ministry therefore wishes to make it more accessible to the public by improving the roads leading to the valley; the roads will be enlarged and asphalted. Thereafter, tour operators could take their clients there for trekking. Mauritians might also be tempted to check out the forest with endemic plants.

Before the ecotourism project can be implemented, many other changes will need to happen. For instance, the valley does not consist of well-defined paths for people to move through it. The ministry will therefore set up a cycle trail and adequate paths for visitors.

The authorities have also stated that the rehabilitation works will be done in such a way so as not to disturb the natural balance and the rich biodiversity found there. This also implies that any invasive species spotted in the valley will be prevented from proliferating so as to protect the fragile endemic plants.

The entrance fee for Mauritians is Rs 25. The elderly above the age of 60 years old and children younger than 5 years old will have free entrance. Foreigners have to pay an entrance ticket of Rs 200.

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