Uncontrolled Selling of Weight-Loss Pills Via Facebook

Weight-loss pills are growing more and more popular in Mauritius, specially via social online media. One might wonder though, do they entail any harm? According to a member of the Association of Pharmacists, pills brought to the country by individuals, and thus not approved by the Pharmacy Board, do involve certain risks. Will the population pay heed, and not fall prey to the aggressive marketing of the suspicious products on Facebook?


Individuals have been promoting weight-loss pills on Facebook pages, guaranteeing the beneficial effects thereof. Many have fallen prey to these ‘golden’ offers, without even ensuring whether the products are safe to use or not.

According to Kentis Sooriamoorthy, a member of the Association of Pharmacists, who was interviewed by reporters of l’Express.mu, one should ascertain the origin of the medicine before consuming it. He explained that if the said pills are imported by individuals, they would probably be risky to take. Otherwise, if everything is done according to the legal procedures, the product will be known to the board.

Furthermore, the consumption of these pills might affect the nervous system: the fat burners are said to get rid of fats in a dangerous manner, thereby damaging the stomach; the consequences are ultimately felt at the level of the nervous system.

Patients wanting to use these products are advised to consult nutritionists, or expert coaches before taking any of the products.

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