Unemployed Doctors Wish To Meet The PM

Young doctors who are as yet unemployed have requested to meet up with the Prime Minister.


450 of doctors are unemployed in Mauritius. 75 of them are duly registered under the Medical Council since more than 3 years. They had hoped to be among the 100 doctors whose recruitment was promised by the government during the announcement of the Budget Speech.

They had already gone for an interview at the Public Service Commission (PSC) in August and September 2013. They had initially thought that that exercise was going to be valid for 2 years. However, the PSC asserted that those who did the interview in 2013 but who were not recruited have to do another one.

Dr R. Bakhoree who has been assigned the role of spokesperson of the group wrote a letter to the PM to inform the latter of their concerns, and has requested for a meeting.

In the letter addressed to the PM, it has been explained that they come from families who have worked hard to finance their studies, and that many of them even took loans to do so. Furthermore, Dr Bakhoree writes that they believe to have been penalised by the ex-government and that they were hoping to be recruited by the new one.

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