Victims of the “Black Van” Speak Out

The “black van” rumour might be real, given the number of accounts that have been related lately. Many individuals from villages in the south of Mauritius affirm having been victim of attempted abduction. One of them mentioned a black van, another spoke of a grey one, while other victims affirmed having been attacked by a motorcyclist.



Young girl nearly abducted by men in a black van in Beau-Vallon

According to an inhabitant of Mahebourg, Darnelle Rennel, the black van rumour is not fake. She asserts that her very own daughter has been approached by the people travelling in the mysterious vehicle in their village, attempting to kidnap her. Her child, 9-year-old Megane, has allegedly practically been abducted on the 15th of May.

Darnelle explains that though the incident occurred 10 days ago, she has only learned of it recently, after which she filed a police complaint. Megane related the incident to her teacher, who then informed the mother. Darnelle says that her daughter hid the matter from her because she had not taken the usual path to go to her grand-mother on that day and thus feared lest she got scolded.

The incident in question is said to have happened near the primary school of Beau-Vallon a little after 15h30.

Darnelle narrates that the 4 people on board the van told her daughter that her mother was ill and that she could not come to fetch her from school. Fortunately, Megane did not believe them and tried to escape, but was followed. She then ran to a spot with lots of people, and the van was driven away.

Little girl apparently stuck in grey van with no licence plate

That is not all. It appears that Megane is not the only victim. Her classmate, Valli, also related a similar incident. Valli mentioned a grey van though, with no licence plate. Her mother, Vimla, stated that the people travelling in the van told Valli that they knew her mother and that they would take her home. Valli also saw another girl in the van who was trying to phone someone but one of the men had seized the phone and broke it.

Black van in Chemin Grenier

Yet another such incident has been reported. A teenager from Chemin Grenier claims having witnessed the kidnapping of another girl by people onboard a black van.

Motorcyclist harassing women in Souillac

There has also been the mention of a motorcyclist who attacks women in Souillac and Chemin-Grenier. Three victims have already spoken out. One of them affirmed that he tried to open her blouse. She fell when she attempted to flee from him. Her screams made him escape.

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