Youth Abusing of Drug Pregabalin – Pharmacy Board Takes Remedial Actions

Officials from the Pharmacy Board of the Ministry of Health have visited a number of pharmacies in the region of Phoenix last Saturday. They have seized several prescriptions pertaining to the investigation on the abuse of pregabalin among young people.

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Inhabitants of the region of Phoenix and Castel had alerted the authorities by way of a petition. They were concerned concerning youth abusing of a medicine used as treatment for epileptic and diabetic patients known as pregabalin. The teenagers use it for its euphoric properties.

As a consequence, the Pharmacy Board sent out officials to gauge the situation in pharmacies. They have taken many prescriptions for pregabalin to further examine them to determine whether they are fake ones meant for teenagers.

Other of the findings of the officials involved the discovery of an instance of one single individual buying 1 000 tablets of pregabalin through 10 prescriptions issued by the same doctor. Furthermore, some pharmacies seem to be selling the tablet in huge numbers.

The Pharmacy Board now intends to call out to the Medical Council to reprimand doctors issuing these prescriptions. Pregabalin might soon be classified under the category of dangerous drugs to have better control.

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