5 Individuals Allegedly Planning To Participate In The War In Syria Kept In Detention In Reunion Island

5 individuals allegedly planning to join terrorists in Syria have been intercepted in Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, this week. They include 4 young men, and a woman suspected to have provided the money for her son’s journey to Syria to participate in the war there.


Photo credits: RÉUNION 1ÈRE

The 5 suspects have been taken into police custody.

The lawyer of the woman has revealed certain information pertaining to the case. He has explained that his client is a mother first and foremost, who is worried and wishes for her son to return to her.

2 of the 5 suspects are twin brothers of 18 years of age. The lawyer of one of them explained that the young adult intended to go to Syria, and that he was saving money to pay for the trip. He also added that his client had eventually come to his senses, and renounced to the idea. The lawyer explained that the man reflected over his initial decision, and later realised that going to war under such circumstances is not based upon Islam and the Quran.

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