Adeela Rawat Put Under Arrest & Released On Parole Today (16.06.15)

Adeela Rawat, the director of Seaton Investment and daughter of Dawood Rawat, was put under arrest today after three charges were levelled against her, namely, «Money Laundering», «Conspiracy to defraud» and «Misuse of company’s property». She had been summoned at the headquarters of the CCID today, at around 11h30. She was then released on parole after being arrested, but has to appear in court tomorrow, 17th of June.

Adeela Rawat

Adeela Rawat at the CCID today, 16th of June. Photo credits: l’

Convened at the CCID headquarters at 11h30 today, Adeela Rawat was put under arrest four hours later. She decided to exercise her right to remain right. She was later released on parole, and needs to appear in court tomorrow, 17th of June.

The investigators had delayed her interrogation last week to study certain documents, including the reports of the Special Administrators, and those relating to Seaton Investment.

It is to be noted that Adeela Rawat’s sister, Laina Rawat, was also arrested (two weeks ago), and was later released on bail.

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