Adeela Rawat Released After Payment of Rs 125,000 Bail

Adeela Rawat, arrested and released on parole on the 16th of June, appeared in court today. Magistrate Kadampanavasini Sockalingum-Juwaheer from the court of Curepipe ruled that she was to pay for 3 bails, amounting to Rs 125,000.

Adeela Rawat

Adeela Rawat, and her husband, Claudio Feistritzer, at the CCID headquarters today, 17th of June. Photo credits: Waren Marie.

On top of the 3 bails, Adeela Rawat also had to sign 3 acknowledgements of debt of Rs 5 million. Furthermore, she has to appear at the police station of Rivière-Noire every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 06h00 to 20h00.

It is to be noted that the police was not opposed to her release on parole.

Her lawyer, Yahia Nazroo, asked the court to take into consideration the fact that his client together with her husband, Claudio Feistritzer, are no more working, and that their bank accounts have been frozen.

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